Profile: Coy Wire

Spokesman, Athletic, and Hard worker.


Coy Wire, born November 7, 1978 in Lemoyne, PA.


Coy Wire has been with CNN10 since 2018 and has worked as a sports anchor and correspondent, he currently is the anchor of CNN10, succeeding Carl Azuz since Semptember 12, 2022.


Camryn says, “He is very bald”


Coy wire was a linebacker and safety who played college football for Stanford. Coy plyed six seasons for the Bills from 2002 to 2007 and three years for the Atlanta Falcons from 2008 to 2010.


Coy has been working hard for his entire life, he has played for multiple professional sports teams and has excelled in both of them. He workedhard in college and before he graduated from Cedar Cliff in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania in 1997 he set school records in both football and wrestling that have still not been broken.