Profile: Tanner Buchanan


Actor, Attractive, Strong

Tanner Buchanan is an actor in many shows and movies. His appearance in Cobra Kai has been a big hit. In most of his shows and movies, he plays the protagonist. However, in Cobra Kai he plays the antagonist.

“He’s a good actor,” said Taylor Jones.

Tanner Buchanan is a very attractive young man. In his show Cobra Kai, many teenage girls think he is attractive. Tanner Buchanan of Cobra Kai is already committed to someone else in real life. Tanner Buchanan has been in a relationship with Lizzie Broadway, his longtime girlfriend since they were teenagers.

“He’s hot,” said Taylor Jones.

Buchanan is strong because during his acting he trains a lot because he does have a lot of fight scenes and scenes without a shirt. Tanner works out in the gym, his main focus is on training his body for peak fight scene performance.

“ He owns a strong and attractive physique with an impressive body,” said The Wiki Feed.