Profile: Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry is a 34-year-old point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He is a winner by default and he will retire as the greatest point guard of all time. 


Steph has led the warriors to all of their most recent championships by using his skills as a leader to guide them to the win. Steph’s basketball skill and pure talent make him one of the greatest players in the league. 


Corbin McConville says, “Curry’s career was in question after Kevin Durant left, but now I feel he is right back to the top.” Steph had a harsh fall from glory after KD left the warriors, but he ended up striving past KD’s absence. 


Steph is a natural-born leader and mentor, he is leading all of the young players to stardom and success. He will retire as the best point guard of all time, the greatest shooter of all time, and one of the greatest leaders of all time.