Profile:Rick Riodan


Rick Riordan is an Author, Teacher, and Father

Rick Riordan is 58years old and is living in San Antonio.

He is most well known for writing the Percy Jackson and the Olympians book series and other book series that are in the same genre but are based on other mythologies and how he got the idea for it is quite unique

” My son Hailey had asked me to tell him stories of Greek Heros and Gods”

Before writing his books he was actually a teacher he would have his students review his books before he sent them off to be reviewed and later published and how his students helped him with the book

“Fortunately they did and they had good suggestions too”

Before he started writing children’s books he was writing adult books and in an interview, he was asked if he would return to writing for adults and this is what he said

“Right now the children’s books are keeping me very busy! Never say Never, but I have any limited plants to return to adult mysteries”