Profile: Jack Hughes


Skillful, charismatic, superstar.

That’s how 21-year-old New Jersey Devils forward Jack Hughes could be described.

Despite having only joined the league in 2019 after being drafted 1st overall, the middle Hughes brother is already proving himself to have a very high hockey IQ. He has been noted by hockey experts as being highly intelligent regarding playmaking and leadership.

“You can see how he’s elevated his linemates. (Yegor) Sharangovich has become a 20-goal scorer. Can he get to 30 playing with Jack? (Dawson) Mercer, if he stays and plays with Jack, what can he do?” Devils GM Ton Fitzgerald said when asked about how Hughes influences the success of his teammates.

Although Hughes was thrust into the spotlight at a young age, it hasn’t changed his personality. He is very serious regarding his hockey career, but is just like any other 21-year-old otherwise: charismatic, funny, and humble, but still highly confident in himself.

“In hockey culture, guys want to be serious. You can kind of sense that the culture is changing. It’s a lot of young kids coming in with confidence, and that’s how I play,” Hughes says.

His early career has been plagued with injuries and hardship, but as normalcy returns to the hockey world, Jack Hughes is projected to rise to stardom and become the generational talent that he was expected to be when he was drafted. Alongside his fellow teammates in New Jersey, he is on course to lead the Devils to a Stanley Cup one day.

“With Jack, it’s his consistency and desire to be the best that separate him from other players that are really good or even great players. He’s at the top of the pyramid,” US NTDP U18 coach John Wroblewski says about Hughes’ abilities.