Two Men Removed From Stands Because Of Haircut


This news is as silly as toddler shows.


Two men were removed from the stands at the U.S. Open Tuesday night for buzzing each other’s head. 


Tuesday night during the U.S. Open between Nick Kyrgios and Karen Khachanov, two men shaved each other’s heads during the game and were removed for disrupting play.


“The crowd at tennis matches is supposed to be very quiet and respectful, so I’m not surprised they were removed,” says Mr.Moore. 


One man was a Youtuber and is known for his pranks on youtube, but he had actually pulled off this one-off instead of getting caught.


“I think pranks like this are usually just fun and funny, but if it disrupts a serious event, like a tennis match, it shouldn’t be allowed,” says Mr.Moore.


The two actually had a cape and clippers a real barber would use to give a haircut with them in the stands.


“Wow, they really put a lot of dedication into this prank just for them to get removed from the game and wasted some of their money,” says Farah Gardner.