Large Fish

The biggest fish in the world is the Whale Shark. It is a shark, not a whale. Whales are not fish, they would top this list. They are on the world’s biggest animals list.

actually, the top three fish on this list are sharks, and there are probably more sharks that would fill the top of this list if all were included. Another large sea creature a size to make this list, but not a fish is the Giant Squid.

”The species was distinguished in April 1828 after the harpooning of a 4.6 m (15 ft) specimen in Table Bay, South Africa. Andrew Smith, a military doctor associated with British troops stationed in Cape Town, described it the following year.[13] The name “whale shark” refers to the fish’s size, being as large as some species of whales,[14] in addition to its filter-feeding habits which are not unlike that of baleen whales.” Wikipedia.

Whale sharks don’t eat people, they eat shrimp and small fish. It still is pretty careful swimming around them because you could easily get sucked up by one, after all, they are giant compared to humans.