Back to school for this 12 kid family is easy


Going back to school may be hard for some people, but not for these 2 parents with 12 kids.

Getting ready for school in the morning can be a challenge, especially for larger households. Iris Purnell and Cordell “Storm” Purnell are the parents of 12 kids.

“That’s a lot of kids,” said Taylor Jones.

Every person in this family is enrolled in school, including the parents. Back-to-school season is not a problem for them. First, the Purnells figure out who’s going to drop off and pick up their children each school day. Then they develop a cleaning and household chore schedule and an itinerary that determines what their children will do after they return home.

“We get ready the Sunday before the school week starts,” Iris Purnell said during a recent phone interview.

They constantly have a “go-go-go” schedule for their kids. They are set up on a schedule so they know where everyone is and what they need to be doing. And that way the kids always have something to do.

“If you dedicate a full day to getting everything organized, then you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen the next day, you’ve got all the information that the school has given out and you can do everything that you need to do, like putting gas in your car,” he (father) explained.