Entrepreneur Tells Stories Through Photographs


An entrepreneur in Johnstown, South Carolina makes a living by telling stories through photography. Magenta Ann Ward is the name of this entrepreneur. Ward makes people feel as comfortable as possible when visiting her shop or while she takes photographs. 


“I made it look like a little living room,” Ward said. “It makes people feel more comfortable.”


Ward is also very consistent with her work and she tends to do a lot of it. She even advertised her own shop by herself.


“The real question,” Ward said, “is not what we do here – but what don’t we do here, because we do a lot.”


This shop is called Big Fish Multimedia. Ward does all her work in Big Fish Multimedia and she doesn’t outsource anyone.


“We don’t outsource to anybody,” Ward said. “It’s all done right here.”


Ward had to make quite a journey to get to where she is now. She had to take on various different jobs and she went back to school for a P.H.D. Magenta Ward is an incredible woman, and she will continue to be incredible for years to come.