Russell Wilson booed


On Monday the Broncos were fumbling like Mario slipping on a banana peel

On Monday night football the game was between the Broncos and the Seahawks and during the game Seahawks, fans were booing Russell Wilson all through the game.

” It didn’t bother me, you know, it’s a hostile environment, it always has been. I didn’t expect them to give a round of applause every once in a while,” Wilson said with a smile after the game.

Also during that game, the Denver Broncos were fumbling every time they got the ball.

“Denver was the better team but they kept wasting their opportunity,” says Mr more

The final scoring of the game was Broncos 16 to Seahawks 17 with Geno Smith scoring two touchdowns during the game leading to Seattle’s victory the game. And what the head coach of Seattle said to Russel Wilson at the end of the game

“I can’t even remember what my words were. I think, Nice game.