Inflation rises unexpectedly in August, sends stock market tumbling.

Inflation has caused groceries and gas to go up 3.5 percent. Inflation has caused things like lower growth and less stability to go up.

“The consumer price index, or CPI, rose 8.3% over the past year in August, a slight slowdown from 8.5% in July, according to the bureau,” says Roz Adams

“The Fed has instituted a series of aggressive interest rate hikes in recent months as it tries to slash price increases by slowing the economy and choking off demand,” says the Feds.

“But other indicators suggest the U.S. economy continues to hum. U.S. hiring fell from its breakneck pace but , remained in August, with the economy adding 315,000 jobs and the unemployment rate rising to 3.7% as more people sought work, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in early September,” says the Kal Penn