NFL Saves Biggest Game of the Week for Last


The NFL held off on playing the greatest revenge game until Week 1. Russell Wilson was given the opportunity to show that his former team made a mistake after trading him this off-season, but it didn’t seem like one.

In March, the Denver Broncos acquired Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for a king’s ransom of draft picks and three players. This month, they awarded the former Super Bowl champion and nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback with a five-year, $245 million contract extension. With the trade and the deal, they made it abundantly obvious that they are counting on Wilson to turn the Broncos around after six straight seasons without making the playoffs. Mark Maske says, “They offered a lot for the veteran quarterback.”

Wilson returned to Seattle, where he acted for 10 seasons, to perform for Seahawks supporters once more – despite their boos upon his arrival. Geno Smith, on the other hand, might have shown he can start as a dual threat. John Vargo says, “Geno Smith is the truth.”

It’s unlikely that the Seahawks will win many games this season, and it’s unclear how good they’ll be. But it had to be wonderful to win the first game against their former QB. in particular for Smith. John Paul says, “A win is a win, especially against your previous quarterback.”