Conditions of the Queen’s Passing


Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many events in the UK have been canceled and other conditions have been modified to both respect and mourn Her Majesty’s passing.

All official flags, including the Union Flag, shall be flown at half-mast from as soon as possible today until the day following The Queen’s State Funeral. Flags may be flown overnight during this period but should remain at half-mast.

Any non-official flags flying or due to be flown, such as the Rainbow Flag or the Armed Forces Day Flag, should be taken down and replaced with a Union Flag at half-mast. Other official flags scheduled to be flown can be flown as normal but at half-mast.

Most hearings will not take place on Monday 19 September 2022, following the announcement that Her Majesty’s State Funeral will be on this day, which will be a national bank holiday. However, urgent hearings, including overnight custody cases, will continue in consultation with the judiciary.

Shops and businesses are allowed to stay open following the death of the Queen, but it is down to individual stores’ discretion whether to close while in mourning. Selfridges and Liberty are two retailers that were closed in the immediate aftermath of the Queen’s death.

English football matches have been postponed. This includes all Premier League and EFL games. It has been suggested that games may be suspended until October, though this is yet to be confirmed.

An EFL statement read: ‘Further to discussions on Friday morning it has been determined that all EFL fixtures from 9-10 September will be postponed as a mark of respect by the National Sport to the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.’

There is no obligation for independent channels (like ITV) to change their broadcasting, but it’s looking likely that the big ones will anyway. ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 have already suspended usual programming, and the BBC is continuing to broadcast rolling news coverage on BBC One and BBC Two.