Bottom Five PIzza Toppings


Bottom 5 Pizza Toppings 

# 5 Shrimp- Okay, I feel like shrimp just needs to be on its own. Yes, you can dip it into some type of sauce BUT ON A PIZZA! NO

# 4 Corn- The combination just doesn’t mix well. The two different foods need to stay separated. They would be crunchy and watery, which does not sound appetizing. 

# 3 Egg- eggs are usually runny, with the yolk adding to the pizza’s taste and texture. Eggs are meant to be saved for breakfast. Corn would just ruin the pizza.  

# 2 Clam- The smell is not the best already. The flavors (and the smells) just don’t mix. Clams can stay on their own. 

# 1 Canned Tuna- who in their right mind would put canned tuna on their pizza? That has to be so gross. Canned tuna, in general, is gross. The texture is gross, reminding us of something we might feed a cat.