top 5 bottom numbers.

Bottom five numbers. 

#5 Coming in at number five has to be number 30. I don’t like the number 30 because the way I look at it when you turn 30 years old you have to get your life together. Like having kids or having a wife. When you’re in your 20s you are still young but when 30 comes around you start to get old. 

#4 In the fourth spot on the list the bottom five numbers have to be 18. 18 is on the list because when you turn 18 you are an “adult.” being an adult means you have to pay bills and means you have to do adult things. 

#3 I have nothing for the number three spot. I could only think of two numbers that were bad so now I’m just typing this to get my word count up. 

#2 number two has to be pie. Pie is just too long d makes math hard. 

#1 one has to be 2. 2 is the worst number because if you’re not first you’re last.