Bottom Five Colors

#5: Pink. Pink is a very overused color, despite it having little appeal. While some shades of pastel pink can be aesthetically pleasing, the most commonly used bright pink is frankly ugly.

#4: Drab Brown. Although brown can work in clothing if used correctly, extra-dark shades of brown never work. It is a gross-looking color that doesn’t fit anywhere.

#3: Blinding Light Blue. Blue is a beautiful color, but only in moderation. Once the shade passes a certain level of brightness, it becomes difficult to look at and therefore unappealing. 

#2: Stale Yellow. Yellow is a challenging color on its own. It can be made to work, but it is very challenging to find a shade that fits in any situation. By far, though, extremely harsh shades of yellow, especially ones that look like they are mixed with brown, are the worst shades of this already controversial color.

#1: Neon Green. I simply can’t think of a place where this color works. Green on its own is a majestic color that is what makes nature so beautiful. However, the second that neon is thrown into the mix, it becomes too bright, unappealing, and undesirable for any use.