Top 5 Worst Gum

Top 5 Worst Gum

This is the bottom 5 list of the worst gum flavors

Coming in at 5 is bacon gumballs, are you serious right now this is insane, bacon gum not only will taste bad it will make your breath STINK.

Number 4 is man scent gum like come on man does not smell pleasant so I’m sure it does not taste good.

Number 3 is actually meatball bubble gum. Meatballs are not even that good, they are just balls of meat. Not very exciting.

Number 2 Is pickle gum. Pickles are not good at all why would you even ever at any point put that into gum that you have to chew for hours who wants to taste pickles for hours?

Number 1 is wasabi gum. I HATE wasabi it does not need to exist and they should ban this gum flavor.