Bottom 5 Cars


5: Ford Pinto. Ford introduced the Pinto in the early ’70s to take advantage of the growing demand for subcompact fuel-efficient cars. The Pinto had a habit of bursting into flames when it was rear-ended, which did not make people happy. At all.

4: Hummer H2. The H2 was designed to be the road-legal version of tough American military vehicles. It ended up being a humongous hunk of metal with an ugly design and uncomfortable riding.

3: Suzuki X-90. In the ’90s, someone at Suzuki thought it was a great idea to make a “practical” sports car when in reality, it just sucked. The X-90 was not practical to live with and it definitely was not sporty. It also was really ugly.

2: Reliant Robin. The Reliant Robin is a car that always leaves people wondering, what were the car manufacturers thinking? It is voted the worst British car of all time, the Robin was another three-wheel car experiment that failed miserably. ​​​​​​​

1: Squatted Trucks/ Cars. They’re just really ugly. They’re also dangerous because they’re lifted so high up.