Bottom 5 Video Games

Bottom 5 Video Games

Fortnite is my number 5 worst video game because the community is really bad. The game is getting worse every day. The updates are also way terrible.


Ark is my number 4 worst video game because it is way too difficult and really annoying. You die and then you have to restart all over again. In the beginning, there isn’t even a tutorial you just join in and figure it out which is why it is so difficult.


UFC 1 is my number 3 worst video game because the mechanics are really bad and sometimes it is really laggy. For example, when playing the game and the enemy throws a punch from afar it will hit your character.


Forza 1 is my number 2 worst video game because the graphics are really terrible. You really can’t go to too many places which are really annoying.


Skate is my number 1 worst game because there is really nothing to do in the game. The only thing that you can do in the game is swipe and try to do tricks on a map.