Bottom 5: Music Genres

Bottom 5: Music Genres

There are some pretty bad genres of music, however, some are just damaging to hear. 


#5 Death Metal. The screaming in this genre of music is absolutely horrid, I can’t stand listening to all of the screaming. A little screaming is okay but there can always be too much.


4# K Pop. I hate K-Pop because the sound in general makes my ears feel like falling off. The lyrics that I don’t understand are terrible as well. 


3# Opera. I hate opera music because it doesn’t really have any meaning. It’s just a raw voice and there is no lyrical understanding to be had. 


2# The same ole country music. I hate most country music because it always has the same core ideals and the same core lyrics. If country music had a better sound and better lyrics it would be better.


1# Happy music. Happy music just completely ruins my day. Any ounce of joy disrupts my mental and physical flow and irritates me beyond belief.