Bottom 5 NFL QBs


At Dead Last, Jacoby Brissett QB of the Cleveland Browns. Although the Browns offense is really poor at wideout, Brissett adds the experience of 37 NFL starts, which I don’t enjoy. If Jacoby can stop making his 12 career fumbles, Cleveland’s ground game can do the heavy work. Brissett has completed his task if he can get this team to 6-5 before Watson returns.

Number 2, Davis Mills QB of the Houston Texans. On this list, he is undoubtedly being disrespected. Last season, while Mariota and Trubisky carried clipboards and munched sunflower seeds, Mills gained respect on a difficult roster. He was superior than Lance and Lawrence. Although he is still developing, Mills showed NFL viewers that he could throw the ball with power and look the part.

Number 3, Mitchell Trubisky QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Trubisky has looked the part for Pittsburgh leading up to Week 1. He toiled behind a Steelers offensive line that somehow looked more lost than last year’s. Mitch made the most of it, tossing crisp passes and dragging the offense out of dark corners with his legs.

Number 4, Marcus Mariota QB of the Atlanta Falcons. Although Desmond Ridder is a rookie, it appears that coach Arthur Smith wants to start Mariota at some point. In the preseason, I found Mariota to be an interesting watch. I have faith in Smith to use enough imagination to make good use of the veteran’s legs. If Atlanta provided more assistance to Mariota, who also needs to demonstrate his ability to maintain health, it would be rich Comeback Player of the Year soil.

Number 5, Daniel Jones QB of the New York Giants. The quarterback is difficult to evaluate because of his own perplexing durability difficulties, notably his neck injury from the previous season. Brian Daboll, a quarterback whisperer, should attempt this once again as Jones completes his rookie contract. If he wants to be around in 2023, he probably needs to surprise the coaching staff.