Bottom 5 Apps


Bottom 5 Apps

#5: TikTok
TikTok is one of my favorite apps on my phone. My FYP has lots of funny and cool videos. I have like 3 accounts on there and I regurarly use all of them.

#4: Spotify
This is kind of controversial but I prefer Spotify over Apple Music. No hate towards Apple Music, I’ve just had Spotify Premium for 2+ years and I have gotten used to Spotify. I love to listen to music and I like having Premium because i can download my playlists and listen offline.

#3: BeReal
I like BeReal because, when you’re on the app, you are forced to “be real.” However I can’t stand when people post their BeReal like 12 hours late. That is so fake and not real.

#2: Instagram
I like Instagram but I feel like people on there are so fake. Like I feel like 70% of Instagram is just celebrities. I like to see what my favorite celebs are up to, but at the same time, it gets so boring. I don’t even watch half of these peoples stories. I just tap through just to tap through.

#1: Snapchat
I HATE SNAPCHAT. Well not really, I just don’t like it. I will admit that I enjoy posting on my private story every day and seeing what my friends post as well. However, we all have that one person who literally overshares so much on their main story. It’s embarassing because those people seriosuly think people care about every single thing they have to say. I’ll admit that I spam sometimes as well but I also don’t feel the need to share every detail about my life. That is what private stories are for! You do not have to share little life updates every 20 seconds on your main story. I also don’t like how Snapchat tells people if you screenshot.