Bottom Five Umbrella Academy episodes

Bottom Five Umbrella Academy episodes

5. The White Violin is the finale of Umbrella Acadamy season 1 the finale is meant to be a stunning and fast-moving episode while this it was not it felt quite slow the pacing was off and did not give me the feeling of action pack finale.

4.743 is the 9th episode of Umbrella Acadamy season 2 and was meant to give a jaw-dropping feeling before the finale and give a feeling of what happened to 5 during his time as an assassin it was a good concept but they did not act on it well.

3. Kindest Cut is the 5th episode of season 3 this was meant to give Diego a chance in the story and it was not good it moved slow and the acting was bad compared to other episodes

2. Extra Ordinary this is the 3rd episode of the first season this was meant to giveĀ  the antagonist a time to shine and to give us a show of what happens in the mansion it was not good the pacing was bad the character development was awful there is only a small good aspect and that is we get development for Claus

1. Worlds Biggest Ball of Twine is the 2nd episode of season 3 this was a crap episode of acting and the story and the pacing was slow and not many of our new character got to shine and that should be something you put so this the main reason this is the worst episode