Drakes newest album is trash.

Drakes newest album is trash.
Do you like drake? Well, his new album is trash. It’s called “Honestly Nevermind,” and the title fits perfectly because it’s horrendous.

Drake takes a leap further into uncharted realms than any of his peers, offering a refreshing sign of what’s to come. Officially listed as a dance album, Hone”

this quote from rollingstone.com must be a joke because this album is the exact opposite.

It’s not refreshing, it’s some of Drake’s worst songs thrown into a playlist. I rather sit in silence than listen to this piece of work.

“A breezy Drake dance album sounds great in concept, but the half-measure house beats and lackluster songwriting keep it from really popping off.

Drake’s songwriting hits a particular sweet spot when he chooses narcissism over self-awareness.” as pitchfork.com says it’s a sloppy, bad sounding, over-hyped, tossed together, Walmart, bedroom made album.