NBA Youngboy 2022 album


Youngboy is a famous rapper he started rapping when he was 16 he is now 22 years old. Youngboy real name is Kentrell, he dropped his recent album August 5th he dropped 30 songs my favorite song on that album is “I got this ” in this song he says “since a child kept my emotions on my sleeve.


Cam says “I like youngboy he rappers facts”


Youngboy doesn’t care about what anyways has to say about him he has been through a lot his whole life. He talks about his life story and how he became who he is now all he wants to do is get money and make sure his family is fed. The only thing about youngboy is he is in and out of jail because of how he has to live his life. 


Nancy says “ i don’t like youngboy he’s a thug”


Youngboy newest song is called “Vette Motors” that is my favorite song by him because he talks about positive things and the beat is perfect.