“Vacations”: “Vibes”


The Album “Vibes” by Vacations is fantastic, like water after a workout. This album is amazing, personally, I love listening to it, recently it’s been my most played album. 


Corbin McConville says, “I love the vibes this album gives off, I could listen to it all day.” 


This album really gives off a chill and happy vibe that circulates throughout everyone who listens. My favorite song on this album is “Home.” I really relate to this song because of what I’ve experienced in my lifetime. 


Some silly anonymous person on the internet says, “The Vacations suck so bad, I’d rather kiss my dog’s butt than listen.” 


The one song I’m not the biggest fan of is “Dave Brubeck.” I don’t have a specific reason, it’s just the song on the album I like the least. 


Overall though, this album is one of the most consistent albums I’ve heard and I like almost all of the songs on it. All of the tracks can fit into almost any situation.