Review: Beauty Behind the Madness

Review: Beauty Behind the Madness

The Weeknd’s album, “Beauty Behind The Madness” is like running in the dark while feeling free. 


This album is filled with songs by the band, The Weeknd, the title of the album is called “Beauty Behind The Madness”. This album was released on August 28th, 2015 and it has 14 songs on it. 


Some songs I really like to listen to in this album are “Earned It”, “Often”, “Acquainted”, “The Hills”,  and “Can’t Feel My Face”. The lyrics can sometimes be explicit but mostly teenagers can relate to the lyrics in these songs so it is more enjoyable to listen to. The cover art on the album is pretty cool, it is sort of like an abstract drawing over the lead singer’s face. 


“There is nothing as good as ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ on ‘Beauty Behind The Madness, but there are a few other truly great songs, many of which acknowledge how far he’s come in spite — or perhaps because — of his unapologetic #badboy status,” says the anonymous person. 


Some songs in this album I have never listened to, and I haven’t really felt an interest in those songs. I also don’t like how bad the lyrics can be just because it is super hard to listen to his songs with your parents. 


“‘Aqquainted’ and the mind-numbingly boring Ed Sheeran collaboration ‘Dark Times’ feel like they were written with Mad Libs, and elsewhere, Tesfaye’s cruelly misogynist perspective remains jarring and uncomfortable,” anonymous stated. 


In my opinion, this album and his other albums are definitely worth listening to and you should listen to him sometime. However, if you don’t really like explicit, inappropriate lyrics, you might not like his songs.