Imagine Dragons:Radioactive

Imagine Dragons:Radioactive

This song is Imagine Dragons: Radioactive one of this band’s best songs it has a driven feeling which is nice, And it makes you feel like your in a mood to do anything because it really hypes you up

The band’s name is Imagine Dragon it is an alternative/indie genre.

It has a driven feeling and like an encouraging feeling towards it and makes you want to continue.

“Honestly this song is very catchy but also nostalgic.” says youtube commenter

A negative aspect of this song is the song the music video is confusing and sometimes doesn’t fit

“The songs keep repeating the lyrics welcome to a new age however we have been hearing terrible music for ages,” says an unimportant commenter

Overall it is worth your time because it is something that is very enthusiastic and able to hype you up to keep going on to do anything which is nice.