Kidz Bop 17

Kidz Bop 17

This album makes you want to jump for joy in a bouncy house that looks has palm trees and a big bouncy ball in it. It also has a basketball and a climbing course.

Kidz Bop Kids made this album, it is called “Kidz Bop 17” and was released in 2010, there were 17 songs.

Some positive things about this album were it was very kid friendly and I could listen to it with my mom and all of her friends. It used great instruments and had great vocals.

“Party in the USA is my favorite song on the album,” says Farah.

Some negative about this album is that it is all regular songs turned into a kid version so it sounds weird sometimes.

“ I hate, I HATE! The words used to replace the actual words,” says Taylor Jones.

It is definitely worth the listener’s time and money because it will teach them how to have fun.