Review: If I know Me

Review: If I know Me

Morgan Wallen’s album “If I know me” album that came out in 2018 is one of the best albums. I thas some of my favorite songs by him like “whiskey glasses” and “up-down”.

If you don’t know who morgan Wallen is he is an American country singer and songwriter.

His album if I know me has sold over a million units of this album as of today. This album I just love I love the cover I love most of the songs “whiskey glasses” being my number one favorite.

Also, Morgan Wallen reigns as the top country artist as of 2021 dethroning country singer and songwriter Luke Combs. Who was top 1 in 2019-2020.

I think you should listen to this album if you love country music or like country music and if you don’t maybe this will change your mind.

Morgan Wallen has a unique voice and is able to bend his lyrics and music so you don’t wanna turn it off.

“I just started listening to his songs and I enjoy listening to him whenever I need a song to listen to, can’t wait to see him at CCMF this year,” Says Taylor Brook.