Bad Bunny Album

Bad Bunny Album

Listening to music feels like you are in the clouds, depending on what mood you feeling and what you’re listening to at the moment, like anger, smooth music, happiness, or dancing.


The album is by Bad Bunny, Latin music, “Piano Verano,” Released in 2022, 19 songs and many listen to them on the radio or any music app.


The music in this album is so good since they get you in the mood to just chill around. These songs make you feel like you’re going to the beach or just hanging around with friends.


A fan says, “Un Verano Sin Ti is not Bad Bunny’s first heartbreak album, but it is his most grounded.”


What I don’t like about this album is the album cover. I think that the album cover is really simple and too colorful, which if it’s a heartbreaking song then it shouldn’t be too colorful.


The Album Cover fan says, “the album cover is way too colorful.”


The album is worth listening to because it’s moody if you feel like it. For example, if you’re just chilling on your couch or driving around town, or even sitting at the beach, it is really fun to listen to.