Undertow- TOOL

Undertow- TOOL

Undertow is directly comparable to my favorite food, it’s so good. 

Undertow is an album made by the band Tool, released in 1993. It has 10 songs and has sold at least 3 million copies. 

It is the first album made by Tool and it’s just different from the other albums. I love the other albums too, but there’s something about this one that is amazing. It’s type of music is a tad different;  more straightforward and rougher. It’s amazing.

The song “Sober” is one of the best songs Tool had ever made. The “Why can’t we just be sober?” lyric makes me want to sing along every time I hear it.

“This might is probably my favorite album ever. I grew up with this album.” says my dad, Greg Brannon.

One negative about the album is that one of the songs isn’t as good as the others but that is about it.

“It’s probably the worst album Tool has made. It’s got a few ok songs, but it’s too short and a bit too simple to match up with tool’s previous work.” says my friend, Beauu.

It is most definitely worth a listener’s time and money. It’s amazing and I just can’t express how much I love this album.