The show, “Cocomelon” leads to include speaking characters

The show, “Cocomelon” leads to include speaking characters

The toddler hit “Cocomelon” seems to be really enjoyable for kids; but, I think it is just flat-out annoying. 


Toddlers these days are interested in the show “Cocomelon” on Netflix, and now it is going to be an even bigger hit because the show is adding speaking characters in the new series called “Cocomelon Lane” in 2023. 


The main character, JJ will be set to talk directly to the tv so the toddlers see it as JJ talking to them. 


“Cocomelon Lane is targeted for children a bit older,” says Netflix’s preschool content executive, Heather Tilert. 


The director of “Cocomelon” is hoping that the toddlers that have watched the show that have fallen in love with JJ to continue to watch “Cocomelon Lane” to grow with his development. 


“I think some characters are more interesting when we don’t hear them speak because the show creators have to find other ways to show their expression,” says Mr.Moore. 


The directors of the show say that when JJ talks to the camera making it seem like he is talking to you, he will very much make it seem like he wants you to join him on his playdate or whatever adventure he takes that episode, so the kids watching the show will seem more involved. 


“JJ talking will make him feel more interactive to kids, kinda like how Dora asks you questions,” says Mr.Moore.