Luka Doncic: Future HOF?


In the NBA, there are many questionable opinions, but this opinion on Luka Doncic is undoubted. 


“Luka Doncic will be one of the greatest players of all time,” says most NBA fans. 


Luka Doncic carried a tired Slovenia team to victory with an insane stat line of 47 points, seven rebounds, and five assists. Nothing phases Doncic either. 


Doncic took an elbow while diving for a loose ball and his head split open requiring stitches. However, he came right back and played the rest of the game.


Corbin McConville says, “That is one tough guy right there.“


To make it to the top in the highest level of basketball, you need to have a “Mamba Mindset.” This means you need to do everything in your power to be the greatest. 


Luka has this mindset, he is keeping his head down and striving for greatness. If Doncic continues to play the way he has been and continues to grind out his skills, he will no doubt go down into the hall of fame if not the top 10 players of all time.