Animals Take Over Michigan

Animals Take Over Michigan

Llamas, chicken wings, and oddities are taking over mid-Michigan but will they take over the world next?

In Michigan, the animals were all present to see all of this madness that happened.

Llama fest how started as a time when people take their llamas and show them off.

“Lamafest is just a, it’s a type of any livestock show. Everybody brings their llamas here, and they are judged on confirmation. They also do obstacle courses and stuff like that to check their agility. And so it’s just kind of like a dog show or anything else,” said organizer Don Topliff.

Then you have Micchigans chicken wing festival which is adding chickens to the punch

“You’re gonna see vendors, lots of vendors, lots of food, lots of wings. We have a VIP tent beer wine tent. We have a kid zone with inflatables, and other fun things to do we even have a dunk tank this year,” said founder Shirley Carter Powell.

Then the festival of Oddities which has everything strange and wacky in between

“A Festival of Oddities is just a big one-day celebration of all things strange and macabre. We bring in a lot of local vendors, and food trucks. We’ve got vintage carnival games,” said founder Jenn Carpenter.