College Football Week 2 Upsets and Debuts


College football was full of surprises, but it could’ve been better.

NCAAF was streamed on multiple TV networks to showcase the games, and there were a lot of upsets and debuts.

College football’s first full Saturday is in the books, and several teams made a significant statement. The top-ranked Alabama easily defeated Utah State, Brandon Huncho says “Them boys easily could’ve put up 80 but slowed it down.”

No. 2 Ohio State drew away from No. 5 Notre Dame in the fourth quarter, A.J. Kimball says “THE DEFENSE IS LEGIT.” Ohio State won 21-10 with a strong 3 and out against Notre Dame’s offense.

No. 3 Georgia made a big statement against No. 11 Oregon.

However, there were also stumbles for the front-runners, including the shock losses of No. 7 Utah to Florida in the Swamp. Layne G. says, “Play some defense and run the dang ball. Tavion could have easily ran that in.” And No. 13 NC State to East Carolina in one of the weekend’s most depressing games.