E Coli Outbreak.


  E Coli outbreak gets to Kentucky and new york. 


An E. coli outbreak centered in the Midwest has expanded to New York state, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. the outbreak was also previously reported in many different states including Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan.


   The CDC has noted that the number of people sickened is likely higher than the 97 total reported in the six states, and the true number could include other states. Michigan is home to most of the affected — 58, the CDC said. 


Wendy has noted that its lettuce has not been confirmed as the source of the outbreak and said it uses a different lettuce in its salads, so that particular supply will remain.”https://www.nbcnews.com/


Wendys being one of the main sources that have been confronted about their ingredients containing E Coli has made numerous statements confirming that their letter is safe and that they will keep using it. 


Wendy has also been working with the CDC to try and figure out where it’s coming from.