Shooting in the Grand Strand

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Drone Skyline Aerial.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Drone Skyline Aerial.

A person was shot at Grand Strand Bar early in the week of September 2nd. The incident happened around 2 in the morning. 


There hasn’t been a sign of a suspect or a further assessment of the victim’s injuries yet. Police were able to clear out the scene as well as the building without complications.


Corbin McConville says, “This is a crazy world we live in.” 


Corbin is right, you never know what could happen, whether you’re just having a drink with friends or walking home, etc. There is always a chance for the negative.


Therefore, everyone needs to be careful when they are out with friends or family and especially by themselves. Be cautious, but don’t let things ruin your day.


Safety and precaution should mix with fun very well. With that being said, be safe out there, you never know what can happen in this “crazy world we live in.”