3 people were shot inside a Horry County club


3 people were shot when a gunman opened fire inside a Horry County club. On Sunday morning, police were called to a loris hospital when two people arrived with gunshot wounds.
The gunman fought with another person inside the club and was kicked out. One victim said they were at a club in the 200 block of Green Sea Road.
The second victim told police that the alleged gunman came back to the club and started to shoot.
A third person was brought to the hospital with a gunshot wound. They were brought in while officers were talking to the other victims.
Nancy said, “That’s crazy!”
The suspect shooter appeared to be intoxicated. The suspect had an injury to the head and a gunshot wound to the stomach. The suspect is yet to be named, charged or arrested yet.
Mr. Moore explains, “Unfortunately this kind of thing happens too often at nightclubs, which should be a place for people to go and have a good time.”