Another Decrease In Rappers

Another Decrease In Rappers

In Canada, a rapper named Pat Stay was found dead on September 4, 2022. Stay’s death was a homicide due to a fatal stabbing. 

Patrick Wayne Stay was 36 years old when he died. Police responded to the incident at 12:36 am, found Pat with stab wounds, and were immediately admitted to a hospital. 

Rappers are dropping every year,” says Marwil. 

While the authorities haven’t confirmed Pat as the victim, his brother, Pete Stay, confirmed his death to CBC.  Pat left not only his brother but his wife and kids. He was the father of two young children. 

hiphop lost one of the best battlers of all time … RIP @patstay .. KINGS NEVER DIE,” says Eminem.

Joey Hawkins, a childhood friend, started a GoFundMe page launched to cover Pat’s funeral expenses. It aims to raise $100,000 and has already collected $71,330. 

“I feel really bad for his family and friends,” says Marwil.