Top 5 artists


Top 5 artists.


  1. Lil Loaded- Lil Loaded is my least one of my favorite artists. He’s is/was one of my favorite rappers. He, unfortunately, passed away on May 31, 2021. In 2019 I was introduced to his most famous song “6lock 6a6y” by one of my friends that also was a huge fan of him, I really liked his music and started listening to more of it and when I found out he had passed away 3 years later after he had really reached the possibility of fame, I was upset but I still listen to his music every now and then.


  1. Kevin Gates- Kevin Gates is my favorite rapper, of course. I love his music so much and I’m hoping to see one of his concerts soon in North Charleston. I love the beats to his song I can just bop my head to it, and I also know every lyric to tons of his songs. He has a fully supportive wife as well as 2 kids, Kevin Gates is 36 and has a great life ahead of him.


  1. Steve Lacy- Steve Lacy is a great singer and he has such a talented voice. My favorite album of Steve Lacy’s is called Gemini Rights, filled with a bunch of different great songs. He’s a great young artist, at the age of 24 years old. He became popular in 2017, causing him to grow and become more popular each and every day. Steve Lacy started his music career by just making beats on his iPhone, using a plug-in piece for his guitar, and in 2013 he started producing music.


  1. The Weeknd- The Weeknd is my second favorite artist. The reason why he’s not my first is that Montell Fish is just 10x better than him and I don’t know all of The Weeknd’s songs. I feel like if I listen to all of his songs, I would definitely choose him as my number 1, but as of right now he’s staying #2. The Weeknd is just a great artist and I can play any of his songs whenever and since all my friends listen to him, we just jam.


  1. Montell Fish- Montell fish is truly godlike. His songs are the absolute best thing my ears have ever actually heard. He has the absolute best voice and I swear he sounds like an angel from above. I have listened to every single one of his songs and I couldn’t name one thing wrong with any of his songs. He is the best songwriter, and I hope to see one of his concerts sooner or later.