Top 5 Sports

Number 5 is Gymnastics. I chose this for number 5 because it’s fun to compete. I used to do this sport, It’s fun to play and keep up with practices and skills. Gymnastics include uneven bars, balance beams, floors, and vaults, they are all so fun to practice.

Number 4 is baseball. I chose this for number 4 because it looks fun to play. Going to baseball games is so much fun. The motion and positions are so impressive to me.

Number 3 is Lacrosse. I chose this for number 3 because if I didn’t play volleyball then I would play this. It looks fun to learn and play.

Number 2 is football. I chose this for number 2 because it is fun to watch. I love going and watching football games. Learning the plays is very intriguing to me.

Number 1 is volleyball. I chose this for number 1 because I love playing it with my friends. I play this sport and I think it’s fun. It’s also so interesting to watch.