5 top fav Artist

5 top fav Artist

5 top fav singers.

My most favorite rapper is Nba Youngboy I really like him because he put his emotions and anger and he speaks how he’s actually honest when he speaks. Youngboy don’t care how anyone feels about him or if they hate on him.


My Favorite second singer is Big yavo, in my opinion, I like his music because he doesn’t sing about sad things only about how he’s happy things and positive vibes. Big yavo isn’t in the way well that’s as social media makes it seem.


My favorite third singer is Summer walker, In my opinion, she is the best female singer, in her lyrics, you can tell she don’t play no games she’s independent she always writes about her feelings.


My favorite fourth is Jhen Akio, in my opinion, she’s the second best female she has this beautiful voice she talks about how she feels and cares about others and she always sings about her family. 


My favorite 5  rapper is Rod wave, I like rod wave because he sings a lot of things that everyone is going through and what he’s going through. He is a sad person and every song he drops is sad.