Top 5 Favorite Restaurants


My top 5 favorite restaurants.

Chick-Fil-A is one of my favorites. It is a fast food restaurant but the service and the food are always good. You can always count on the food to be so good.

Olive Garden is my 2nd favorite. I love Italian food. The food always seems to come out super fast and good. My favorite entree is chicken alfredo. They also have the best salads and just the best food overall.

El Cerro is so good also, I love eating Mexican food. It is always so clean in the restaurant and it’s always good. I and my family probably eat there at least once a week.

Texas Roadhouse has the best steak in my opinion. Their food is always cooked well and the service is so good. The rolls here are so delicious. They have the best cinnamon butter with the rolls.

I also love Outback. They have the best grilled chicken that I get every time. They also have great service there and are always nice.