Top 5 Hamsters

5. Wild Insane Hamster


Look at that thing go. It’s crazy. It attacks with no fear and holds its ground. If that hamster’s form wasn’t so limiting, it could take over the world for sure. And for that, it ears a number 5 spot on this list.

4. Hampter


Hampter is the slightlydisturbing-looking meme hamster. They have made me laugh many times, which really does deserve them a rank in at least the top 5. Hampster, yknow?

3. Biscuit


Biscuit is a very nice hamster. She is also quite chubby. She is often labeled as stinky (which I don’t know to be accurate), by the owner themself. Biscuit seems to be a very wonderful specimen.

2. Bippo


Bippo is a rather mischievous hamster. She likes to punch those who come near her, and although she may look adorable, she is full of rage. A wonderful little ball of violence. She loves people, but for sure doesn’t show it at first. She’s also wonderfully rotund. Very chubby. Bippo is friends with Biscuit.

1. Sheigechi


She is my baby; then, now, and forever. She was the best fat fluffball to ever exist. She was wonderful from beginning to end. So friendly and full of love. No other hamster could compete. She will forever hold a place in my heart.

In short, hamsters are great.