Top 5 Favorite NBA Players: My List


My Top 5 Favorite NBA Players, Past and Present.


This group of 5 is based on one of each position, these are just my favorite players of all time at each position.


#5 Dennis Rodman (PF) Dennis Rodman is my favorite power forward of all time because he brings a level of hustle and leadership no big man has ever brought to a team before. Rodman could rebound like no other and he had a nose for the ball. He played a vital role in MJ’s championship run.


#4 Stephen Curry (PG) Steph is my favorite point guard, mainly because I am a GSW fan, but besides my bias, Steph is the greatest three-point shooter of all time, and I believe he will retire the greatest point guard of all time. 


#3 Wilt Chamberlain (C) Wilt is my favorite center because, well, he is the only player to ever score 100 points in a game. He was the most efficient and dominant scorer this game has ever seen and probably will ever see. 


#2 Kobe Bryant(SF) Kobe Bryant, AKA Mamba, Kobe is the best small forward I have ever seen play the game of basketball after his position switch from shooting guard. Kobe’s mentality combined with his work ethic and skill was one of the most dominant and stone-cold forces the NBA courts have ever seen. Rest in Peace Mamba.


#1 Michael Jordan (SG) MJ isn’t really my favorite shooting guard of all time, but he takes the spot because of his impact on the game of basketball. MJ was the greatest and still is the greatest player of all time. I grew up watching old Michael Jordan game tape with his championship bulls. MJ helped me develop my love for the game of basketball at a young age.