Top 5 Shows

Top 5 Shows

#5 Bojack horseman- Currently, I am rewatching this show, but it is fifth on my list because it’s a show that is funny and interesting, but it isn’t a show that would pop up in my head first. 

#4 Jane the Virgin – This is left in the fourth position because this show is interesting, like it is stuff that I wouldn’t think I’d be interested in. This show can keep you interested, but it is also something that I would watch as often as I do other shows. 

#3 Gilmore Girls – This is left in my third position because this show gives you various things. This show has shown me how I want to be in life. This show has made me laugh so much. The characters are comfortable, and just a good show to watch multiple times. 

#2 Shameless – This show is second on my list because I can relate to this show in so many different ways. This show has been able to help me a lot. It is a show I watch as a comfort show. 

#1 Criminal Minds – This show is taking the number one spot because this show has everything. This show shows crime, love, thrill, etc. I can watch this show repeatedly and never get sick of it. This is the first show I turn on when I do homework, clean, or even sleep. I do it because even though I know what is going to happen, it always keeps me intrigued in it.