Top 5 Animals

Top 5 Animals

5: The turtle is the 5th best animal because it is cool and lives forever and has a big shell

4: Chetta is the 4th best animal because it is fast and makes me jealous because it is super speedy

3: The elephant is the 3rd best animal because it is big and has a trunk and can shoot water out of its trunk

2: Moose is the 2nd best animal because it is big and makes cool noises and they are definitely cool

1: Octopus is by far the greatest animal to ever touch the earth. It can change colors, and shape, and shoot ink at the weirdos that are trying to eat it. Octopus has 8 arms and can grab like 25 skittles if it wanted to. The octopus can hide from predators and hunt prey will ultimate skill. It also tastes good if you eat it you will forever love it. Although I feel bad whenever I eat this majestic animal that rules the ocean and contributes to the earth more than Abraham Lincon did. Isn’t that just a great animal, if you like any other animal better you are wrong.