Top 5 Sports

Top 5 Sports

#5 Gymnastics. Gymnastics is #5 on my list because I used to do it and I think it is really fun once you get to learn and the environment is so cool and fun. Also the leotard girls where can be cute sometimes and it is cool to learn all the flips and tricks.

#4 Lacrosse. Lacrosse is #4 on my list because even though I don’t play lacrosse if I didn’t play volleyball this is the sport I would play. Lacrosse is a contact sport and I think I would love that because if someone on the other team is making me mad I would just take my anger out on them and call it me playing the sport.

#3 Football. Football is #3 on my list because even though there are only guy teams for football, this sport is very fun to watch, Going to high school games on Fridays is just so much fun and the perfect way to make memories.

#2 Softball/Baseball. Softball/Baseball is #2 on my list because when I was younger, I played softball and loved it. The only reason I quit was that one day I hurt my finger and wanted to stop playing, I also knew one day I would be playing volleyball. However, watching both baseball and softball is the best sport to watch in my opinion (besides volleyball). The motion of this sport just makes you not want to look away.

#1 Volleyball. Finally, volleyball is my #1 sport because this is the sport I play. Ever since I was younger even when I did other sports I just knew when I was old enough to play, I would be playing volleyball. Volleyball and one of the biggest parts of my life and takes up a lot of my time. I love playing this sport so much and just the people make it even better. I play both travel and school and both are equally the best ever. I want to play in college and I hope that after my senior year I can continue playing.