Top 5 Movies

The top five movies in my opinion are The nightmare before Christmas, The titanic, Frozen two, The little mermaid, and Tangled.

Tangled is on my list because it’s an amazing movie the graphics the design the plot the movie the characters. And I love how it’s also a musical.

Next would be the little mermaid because I love everything about that movie. The little mermaid is also like a musical lot of singing and how ariel wins in the end. Next is frozen because it’s way better than the first frozen the first one was kinda boring and I love the costumes in this movie.

The second would be titanic this movie is my second favorite because it’s a love story a romantic movie although I do hate the end of the movie throughout the whole thing there’s drama excitement etc.

My number one favorite movie in the whole world is the nightmare before Christmas I dont know why but this movie is and always will be my favorite movie of all time. Stop motion movies are amazing The time and effort that gets put into it is just crazy.

But these are my top five favorite movies of all time